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The Sims 3 Mobile

The Sims 3 Mobile

The Sims 3 Mobile

The Sims 3 Mobile

The Sims 3 Mobile

The Sims 3 Mobile features: Sims 3 is a freedom of action on your mobile!

Get scores by serving your characters desires..

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Mobile platform: java
Genre: simulator

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Ryanputra: How about to download game The sims 3 tell me please

ishtibleh: 176x220 please

haen: i need the sims 3 Nokia E63 Please

yyogaxxx: gundul kamu

harvey123: pemai ngoni.... motherfucker you.... thats a wrong link,
fucking bitch...

julian1982: links dead

bluetower: the game is awesome

-Version%29-240x320 try dis one..

alaiyus: what i need to press for download?

alaiyus: how to download?to mobiles?

askdak: thx for the game.. i love it !!!


miezzie: why i cant download

sander23: SEARCH from OTHER WEBISTESSS!!!(tactic):always go fishing,

misterx555: fuck this, sendscape is shit!!!

cha123: i just downloaded it yesterday on this same site and link
for my nokia 6300.. but now the link wont work

lucasbandoch: nokia

Soffee: both of 'em don't work

herdie25: abdi mah kana pamaenan eta mah tos bosen euy

denhaha: sims 3 world adventure is better than the sims 3.

blah0_0: thanks alot dude , the second link it works

lplfan: I hate dwnld links with sendspace! it does not work:@

ARH819: The game hangs when I update my house.Nice game

4947aira: ughhhhhhh...... i dont know how to download it... cud
someone help me?????/ pls...

adicast6: babi

izzie: like this

MsLiesl: i already have this game. i downloaded this in other

jhisk: the download links are broken. Can you please upload it

renniejay: do i download it or not

Guppy547: how do u download it?????

tonybone: this is bullshit !!!! fucking retarded ass niggas go to get
jar or mobile 9 it aint that hard and stop fucking whineing
like lil bitchs

Na_rapunzel: waw..

skylestrife: shit slow.

ashik1994: superb game

jamedom: i can't downlad it. (-_-)

leolizm: Thanks Burex

concac: link die,fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk

-Version%29-240x320 Download here. Resolution is multi so
you can play it on any screen. P.S. I putted this link
just because this sendspace link doesnt work.

psrafih: i cant open that site is there any other websites

Rovyn_goson: hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy pano ni mag download

NKCCLC13: how do we actually get sims 3 on mobile

melniXofia: LOL,i play sims only to see the sims die one by another its
the only fun thing here...

freakE_zomB83: file is not available on sendspace

wntwrth99: FUCK I WANR 176x220 too FUCK

arin2142: thank you

Sn786: I'm browsing this site with my mobile... Can't find the
links dude! Zippyshare doesn't work. :(

damn_it2: how to wohoo and thx for uploading good game

Sk8erXSkills: i dont now how do i

leolizm: Thanks For the wonder game

Asetnom: now its working fuckin link fucked

ragnarok: Ragnarok

alekzkarizze: how will i download it?? give me the steps ASAP. thanks! :)

alekzkarizze: how will i download it?? give me the steps ASAP. thanks! :)

ASD163: hey ppl. send me a game u lyk, in: - I'll send it ryt away instantly

japperz: renew the file plz

edward101: edward101 Fuk the file has been deleted

Asetnom: the file is not available anymore! y is that?

ilovejedward: y cant we download it

FORDWLOD: what's going on?? there's nothing to download.

ghenmokai: wtf the link is broken . reupload the damn thing.

Klupko: pls upload the files again

deleteme: Files are deleted

mariannepua: wtf?!

bkaye17: how can i download this?

kartika: the file is not available ..

chielo-12: how to download it ? the link you recommend doesn't work !

danutzu214: how I download ???

niko30: it works for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee, WOHOOOOOOOOO:)

harry_rocks: i cant download with my sony ericsson k700i !! help..

niko30: motherfuckin bullshit

troll Spider: Thank you! That was too easy with the link download.

Vinz: Bullshit n fuckin game

valygamer: links doesn't work

Raducu98: Raducu98

devilio: how can i download this game?

BabyKrissy2647: didn't work :(

KevDeeRFC: it says file not found!!!

Dory444: Can i download it? The links are says the file is not

tanica21: the link doesn't says the file is not
available..pls fix it..:(

sika123: why i cant download it? :( plz help.! ;)

sakshamk_s: what the fuck it dosent work with 6085 nokia

kocokzcool: it,s good

Acerzeon: THANK YOU SO MUCH! OMGOSH! The 176x220 , don't seem to
work.. only 240x

ikhol: why the format file is not supported in my nokia 5300 ??!
pleaaase, i really want this game in my nokia 5300!

vikki bagus: how to download this game???? please,,, i need it,,,

isstorm: pls for jar...

leesbaby09: on my lg touch phone all i have to do is hit the clear
button and it will ask you if u want to save the game and it
will save the game

farazchxxx: link is blocked in my country

cammi_o: i can download da game at all?why????

allanbennington: 128x160 plz,i need this game!!

alfie123: thank U it really works in my kp500

jh0mzzz: 128x160

Lauramay: Ive put it on 2 download but showing no sign of actually

sodina: it works for nokia 5800 and i can save the game


yandhie14: hays..

Misimela: This game aint working ? Or does this game don't work on
a nokia 6300 ?

djdurrani: 128x160 pls


mke: it was fast for me

fireroe15: i dnt know how 2 get da games ughhh

Aezarz: The Files Is Not Available To Download....

tofuking: y is it not in jar???

tigenz2: 240x320 works on 6210 navi. :) but game dont save

rizla 1: i can get it for 176x220 jar

ashray1989: does't work... d file has sum prob...


peroman: it works for k750i!

warrior1121: it dont works for mine se w600i !!! when i run it sais
operation failed!what i need to do i realy want this game!!

Mysterious Shadow: ppl r just so weird ,i will download this game and i am
sure it will work on my sony ericsson ,most games work on
sony ericsson mobiles

alfie123: its not working to download to my LG

valsi: how to download??? you all just need register.. and then
you need click the sims 3.. after that you must search for
the download link.. and you need select 1..


lelouch: how to download?

kyulala: it cannot be downloaded. please upload again!

asha_fira: at first it was alright, but now error !

sandy21: the game cannot be downloaded...any update?

billiejoe: how to download it? plz help!

zhymae: whats the version of this game??

pimezaa: thank

princey: i was not able to daownload this game ((help)): that's
what they say : ( The file has been deleted. It did
not comply with our terms of service. ) what does that
mean?? __help__

kumarvaibhav: hey when I clik on the first link it is giving the message
file has been deleted or currupted

xboyboix: go die

yashraj: the first link is for 240x320

Garrei12: Garrei12

Cihiko: How do i download this game ?

maloca92: i cant download for lg... help pls

jhane: hi

gav2: tha bst game ive played

ardie_barney: i downloaded it pretty the game doesnt save

Pippa.ward.09: The sims 3 is a brand new game this year the only old sims
games are 2 and 1

mhac: very very best for indoor and out door mobile game

iliefdemik: sims 3 for touchscreen please


koala0000: doesn`t work on my sony ericsson k320i

ahmad_faris96: I'm having trouble with choosing the traits in my w200i.Can
anyone help?

kacker: اللعبة

mayandre: we most have old version of the sims 3

John700: AΛ

margherita: plz do you have the sims 3 for lg kp500?

iditsegal: יחעי

vipboy.namnhan: vipboy.namnhan

Chainn: will this work for nokia 3110?

tykon: whos fuckin asshole upload this game? cant download

kokomaritime: pls give us this download link at

shahbasck: this is a fuckin shit

rae7: or

Tude: woa! can't save! it always start new game!

tedy_ariyansyah: please share me more games for sony ericsson.. thank alot

Muriel Wong: why is it so hard to play this game,after craeting my sims
a screen pops up and says selecte ur traits idont know what
is it please reply me?!?!

ooiman92: 176x200 is a corrupt file..

laura_b: Anyone know why the game wont save for longer than a few

yog3000: got it !

AndriZMK: Hey, i've been download the sims 3 at but
in russian.

deadman_incl: Deadman_incl

forgetgigi: DOWNLOAD IT AT WWW.4SHARED.COM search for keyword the
sims 3.jar

mayo: 176*208 pls.for nokia3230 plss. tnx

hasif94: cant install at all don download tis game :)

dashboard: what do i do when iv download it i just get a bunch of

Lovelygal: 128x160 resolution pls...

s4nd1_wyg: the second link game is corrupt. its very bad man i
really want this game in 176x220 resolution.

huixuin: 176x220 plz?

pratyshnathj: i cant download fuckers

streamyx: I cant download ah!!!!!!!!!!

bushroseschool: 176x208 pls....pls!!!

cyril_dgl: the second link is corrupt..

maxsas: nice i got a spouse and a political job with daily pay of

liayuwono: 320x240 pleaseee... T.T

huskybeo: 240x320 must extract?

yash14_chaudhary: Awwww......SAD i wanted this game but the 176x220 file is

cowmuffin: does it work on lg kg800?

microice: 176x220 cant work u fukin scammer!

alexferge: is there some cheats

Yana Yulia: I cant download sims 3

welshgiirl: how do i put it on my phone :S please help and does it work
on nokia 5800

ruswan08: ruswan08

KAMEKAMEHA: it's so cool man!!!!! ilove this game very much!

froelle_isda: plz for sony ericson

adhitya222222: temoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

adhitya222222: temoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


ANDREWMIN: Downloaded the game and it ir good any1 having trouble
downloading try downloading it through opera mini and is
there ne way you can have baby's on this game?

milca008: does it work for nokia 3230??? pls help

suzy: nooo i dont want jar..i want normall for my k550i 176*176

deded2706: deded2706

r6680jc: r6680jc

Gicam: where did you get it ?

winny92: it just says its been deleted any other way of finding

ccw: where's the download button?

bummerr: i cant play it on my k700i.. it says invalid application..
this is a jar file, right? and i can play any other games i
downloaded. why not this one? :((

boko_sk: Does it work for SE k750i?

Ebrahem: is there 208x208

bluered: i want sims 3 for nokia6300

MetalL: Any cheats for money $$$$ ?

Arshadka: lvly game fk that

dofkiuxas: If you need money catch fishs ;D

13haus13: this game is awesome youre the best!

Netralisasi: Netralisasi

Chaser888: shit, this game is just pure FANTASTIC

dolit: 128x160 resolution it's say Operation Failed can u send
a another link?

mestika: jar pls.........

queensarah123: doesn't work on my bloody lg ks360

dinaseptiani: dinaseptiani

arshaddd: gg

microice: jar file lahhhh sebdspace sucks cok

diamond15: i love this game!!!! but it hangs in my
phone(N70)!!!??? help!!!

bluered: its not working in my nokia says application
error.please help me

piya: nice game .. love it :)

bluered: its not working in my says application
error.please help me

markova_light: Look Behind you... This is Beauty Games, i Like it.. you
must try....

grauzk: pls for 128x160

ninibby: we need another way to download this besides sendspace.
upload it to a jar file. please nd ty.

rabib786: Hay r u blind!!! why dnt u respons!!!

mariannepua: hey thanks a lot :D

Jonissen: thank you so fucking much!!! xD

branjobu96: U have to save manually at the menu

daviele: my game can't be saved!!!I always start a new game!!!

bentong: this is the greatest game ever! i really love sims:)

jovan4e: :(

raato: This is so great game, thanks dude. ;)

eugene: i've uploaded 176x220, 128x128 & 128x160. try the second
link on sendspace

forgetgigi: no 176x220?? hmmm.. that's too bad man... >_

Jenny192006: 176x220 please.

lifegoodlg: Nice but need more $$$$$$

coldstone: 176x220 pls.........................................i want
diz game...pls.....

dashi93: 176x208 plzz

fahmi92: download on mobile9 becouse have a 170x220

louisacis: arrrrr i stuck on the selecting traits for my sim arrrrrrr
help me help me plzzzzz

G20: how i can to download this file?

jackdaniels: what a crap for little girls....

suzy: 176x220 pls......pls

princessmisswhatever: i cant download can help me plz??

setiawati: 128x160 pls

DanielLau: PLS 176X220 PLS PLS PLS

branjobu96: are there any cheats for simoleons...i need cheats for

hunter_505: need 176x220

user0505: pls 176x220..

chancesofsurvival: not bad .. thanks!

yuanaa: i cant get to the websites!! =[ can upload the game at
here pls.

joncat24: pls 176x220?

mellody: its beautıful game perfect i love it gotta have it
theres no seen me without in my baby!!!

ahjack95: 176x220 pls pls pls

adrian_dc13: I'd say that this is just an okay game. But I would prefer
the latest version of the new york nights more than this.
Don't waste your time waiting for the slow sendspace just to
download a barely thumbs up simulator game.

adrian_dc13: I'd say that this is just an okay game. But I would prefer
the latest version of the new york nights more than this.
Don't waste your time waiting for the slow sendspace just to
download a barely thumbs up simulator game.

ddvniek: If sendspace doesnt work try this
link: I
found it on google:)

wakhaigin: can u pls dun use sendspace??? use other website we dun
mind but pls the sendspace dun even give respond cant even

rongcal123: men this stupid sendspace is slow and theres no respond

Brightsides: jar please. really,sendspace is very slow..sad to say

Hendri88: Sendspace is too slow.. Pliz upload it to clubmogames..

shamanjohn: pls for jar. going to sendspace is so slow and laggy

DanielLau: pls for 176x220 pls