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New! Bleach
An official game of Japanese Bleach comics!





Bleach features: You have to kill all the enemies

An amazing graphics of your Japanese bothers will make you playing and playing for hours. Nice storyline, gameplay and controls easy to use!

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Mobile platform: java
Genre: action

Brood but k: Dude english . My phone does nt understand square language.
Graphics are unexpectably awesome

OYADA: does anyone know how to install this game on a lg rumor 2
phone? i need the 320 by 240 resolution and rumkin isnt
letng me up load it to thier site. i need to find a way to
install it onto my phone. if anyone knows how to do this
please let me know

himawari0: waw.... I like this game! On indonesian please :D

igor8390: it wont work i get this error main class thing

arghya: cool game !!

arian9876: aloaoqo fucking jswjuqiuq

arian9876: aizen is fucking cool

eernestt: a love this game a spend one day for this game

wayesef11: How to dwnlod?

leitoon: great video game

adc: i need naruto game

keanus23: this dos not work

xichung520: hey stfu... dun talk shit at here.. plz post nicely comment
this game is free!!!!! not u to post stupid comment!!! cb

seigaku_gal: english please T_T

azrey: can't download

Vietransyah: eugene english pliss....T.T

Msaisi: Damn! Game, kool! Instructions, 'exerlent'... The boxes and
horizontal lines are just awesome! Anyone managed to
decipher these things? Please post them here, coz I think I
got the time to read through...

unknown90: dude, ENGLISH

zarakiken10: this game is good!!!!

Sue81: Not yet hve d english vers?

playboy420: could u guys let me know when the english gets here, plz.

playboy420: could u guys let me know when the english gets here, plz.

playboy420: could u guys let me know when the english gets here, plz.

marieauntaunet: I can't read. It's Hiragana,katakana&Kanji. My N70 don't
know those letters.

sontosidad: the game works well in my se k700i.. but, please, do you
have english version of this one? it's so cool...

evanslicer: Ths game very cool but english pls...

juhara29: english version please! thanks

bankai666: ENGLISH?

Sirfola: 128x160..pls..pls..plsssssssssss

kristantocahyo: to play this game?

zukri90: English larhz!

Chaser888: hey, dude, my phone didn't do that eror, in fact, the game
works just fine on my phone

bconijn: Don't do it!!! i got it just 1 day ago and than my mobile
tried to acces the internet the whole time and i was unable
to stop it so don't do it!!!

Chaser888: How do i become Rukia?

kavics: plz english version

thoia: english dude! ENGLISH

Chaser888: plz is there an english version?

rv: 128x160 please..........

wsking6: why save games need money one... T.T

ulhaq: wooooooooow keren euy

maverickshue: for someone like me who REALLY LOVE BLEACH...this is not
the kind of game that i would have wanted...any bleach rpg

Chaser888: damn, english please!! It's a cool phone, but i do not
understand square language. i mean, the language ain't
japanese either.

holiho: don insult my phone

emlee: it just won't enter my S.E W810i,through bluetooth from my

ezadlolz: wah..... no have boss..???? espada.??? arrancar..??

setiawati: 128x160 english pls..

00forest00: aaaaaaaah i need english please please i love bleach :D

rongcal123: At Last Bleach is in mobile tnx Bro Eugene