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New! Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA 4 Mobile)
Lot's of fans waited for GTA mobile release and here it is!
Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA 4 Mobile)

Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA 4 Mobile) features: It is the sixth 3D game in the Grand Theft Auto series

We are glad to introduce this amazing best seller game to you on ClubMoGames website. What you should understand is that this is not that same game you've played on PC or console.. Your mobile has definitely less memory that psp/ps3 or modern computers have.. So.. this is just a mobile release..

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Mobile platform: java
Genre: race

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temujin1234: Excellent

shidaldo: plz i will like to have GTA on my mobile nokia 5200

mann Malik: this site is just awesome... They have everything I
need... Thanx a lotttttttttttt.........

vickyy: Fuck man its not working on my samsung s3310

anamikadinesh: just check this out

sajan10: 176*208

asadia: let see some sexy girls

idenjinx: Sayang,gak ada yg ssuai dg resolution my hp, but objeknya
kecil2 deh ,bikin gemes . . . Bonceel

Screami: 176x220 please!


andreiescu: only appears a screenshot and that's all -.-

sugandha1994: provide it for 176*320

lam777: this game is baad :|

jasz20: 176X208 n70,

omkargarg: facky game go here to download this

ZSav: I only get a GT4 screen after opening the game - and that's

maxsas74: What no 360x240

Vineethandvimesh: Really ausumn! I have waiting for a long time for a GTA
mobile game. Thank you clubmogames!

gugun77: the link sim3 doesnt work...

killer: 176x208 n70?

rohan.gun: Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aliano: 176x208 n70?? please.T_T

PhilK: Seems to work on my Pixon 12

Leegriffiths: Listen everybody get yourselves on david for the
newest releases on games,apps,real tones,mp3's themes
screensavers what ever the fuck u want for free and if
anybodys got anything thats awsome upload it on to the site
for everyone to share.the more sites like this that appear
will get rid of them greedy rip off bastard sites that
charge silly amounts,so come on guys n girls share your shit

nidal: it is cool nice thnx man

jess123456: 176x208 pls.......

Nguyenthanhha1402: The game is too long to save

eernestt: it works for me

darkuchiha: english ng english puro aman pla bano jajajaja

amir.mal: hey evrybody looks all this web site games are a fake
injected with viruses

redpepper007: fake

nediksas: i hawe one question,how to install the game? i put all
files on my sony ercison w890i AND NOTHING... where is no
install just a some kind of files..

jojopd: fuck game

bhaveshnande: Nokia only allows files upto 1mb this is BIGGER.

hariram: can this works on n5800? touch screen

aftab987: hey it does not work it on my nokia 5130 xm

HomieG: it does work on lg gt505???

Kedarkk: It not work on my nokie 5130

twopointlow: XD some download files are fake

harry singh: good

Sakhawat21: It's downloading... Mine phone is a Nokia 5130 so, it
should work on mine...

G2013: Actually is car jack not gta IV !

tomb_raider: my nokia 2730 gets stuck when the game is loading :(((

jaketsu25: Works fine on nokia x3

nekkallapu: nice awesome

sneakz08: great

wertwert: how do i add this game on my lg chocolate?

niko30: nice

Romit: Romit

niko30: cool

navi_900: i waited for it so long

navi_900: i waited for it so long

qdtrang: LG KP500 249x400 please !!!!

srikanth.koorma: can i get the cheats for this game

itachi uchiha: bodo

aldrin_sca: nice!

ngm: 176x208 pls n70

venke: does any one know how to download igi games for nokia
mobile if yes means send format to 9940470852

shazry: ANCAK BUTU

aizat93: 128x128 pleasee.....

ryon: good games ohh

Azrael360: Thanks!

Strelce: Strelce

shie_clubmo: 176x208 n70??!!!!! pLzZZZ!

zukri90: dis is fake one. de player suppose to be Nico Bellic, not
Randal Meyers. but anyway, nice game.

pavankumar_912: does it work in nokia 5130 mobile....?

Abdullahi Alhassan: pls make it easy for downlaod, if possible like in

picture50: 哦,my god!

paulzen18: why its the same like car jack street???

Shondrake: not working...

msaj: 176*220 please

Soukatsui321: 176x220

kiseki: kiseki

Suii81: Thank you very much! Please do keep up the good work..

246810: ou ang ganda sa 5130

Ci11: Lol

rebarex: GANDA

satyakighosh2007: Y is it saying file too large to save? I use a nokia 5130

emar: amazing

faizskt: great

fireragon: Get more 240x320 games at

3L83R7: 3L83R7

Ecoz: 176x220 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

zedic: 176x208 pleaseeeeeeeeee

winhell01: ไมเล่นไม

angga: poor game

igaro: cool no?

baasil: no comment.....extremely gud game

doru: yes

dalibor~~~: perfect

alfie123: very nice game!

metasu: bokluci

hizuka12: 176x280

immortalman17: its a moded car jack streets

ice-tea: what is the point of the game

amerbleik: why all games : application error????????

hoodaiy: good

anstun: how to download

car_.-: dont download that not is gtaIV is a modification of car
jack streets

Cihiko: This game didn't catch my eye .

evil: Where the jad file

Firemobile: this game is free?

Kgoputso: Helo can any1 help me i do install the grand theft auto.
The game dont want 2 its say loading forever.. Im using a
nokia 6300 help me guys please

sahilsharma756: It does'nt work on nokia 7210

nutsumimasa: ดี

troll Spider: Thankyou ;)

bilalq: cool game!

Gladwin: Can any1 tell me how 2 download GTA 4. If any1 know pls
contact me@9995538220

Protasyo: protasyo

Youandyou: Youandyou

endrit: agagagaa

deftonesforever: cool game!!!!

Mido139: Mido139

Nis: ghatia hai.

jahanzaib16: ya chalti nahi hai nokia 5610 ma so i hate this site

r3ezald: goood

mauro1978: mobiles24, there is all you need...all mobile phones and
screen resolutions and over 10 000 games, music,
videos,themes for mobile phones

qwerty_guru: Put the downloaded file in the folder "other" in
phone(H:)when u hav conected to ur pc.{For Sony Users
only}then disconnect & go to "other" folder ( in File
manager)and click, install and enjoy!!

pjdaman10: you better download gangstar crime city , sooo much

tenma_sakomizu: Bad

lelekis: can you upload the game for sonny ericcson w800 or w800i?

Cyberpatils: Lund

_Wheeler_: how do you download the games?


vinoth00000: vinoth00000

gracia2715: ang ganda naman.. who's from philippines?

ahmet: n95 please

yebah: astig poh

lordpepper: ITS CARJACK STREETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anashanafi: Not is play in my w200i

chinu143143: 170*208 release plssssssssssss

shaiwal: it is good and i am downloading . i think it cannot run on
my mobile

baggos: sony ericsson 128x160 plz

tarekkkk: 220 . 176 plz man

hnghhonghao: how to log out ?

SkiterToBacK: 176x220 plsss ıts amazing

jhonystoy: Fack u All

adham: its bad

dutzuu: give me cheat please...

karbons: Wow

mauro1978: this is for rishp.2009 bonker u f*cker, no better
site? www mobiles24 com over 10 000 games, all games ever
made are there, for free, all display sizes and all phone
types.... bonkers, naive fucks

firdaus0795: cool

rishp.2009: no better site in the world

sawj: 176*220 plz!!

simpleboy: Excellent

anashanafi: anashanafi

ad1t: good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NAF842: 176*220 pleaz

Andikagothic: This game can't download in nokia 3110c

queensarah123: not good...EXCELLENT MANNNN!

Parag1592: Which game is this?

tyekiki: how to download it

aguinho15: Aguinho15

Pankaj(PSN): Hi your site is v.good


mindfreakrk: how 2 dwnload dis thng?

hadiya1995: does this work for nokia 6300. pleasseeee pleasseeee i
NEEDDD IT PLEASSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shubham_302: it doesnt work for nokia

arturtuvi: i need 176*220 PLZ

ace182: Hmmm. . . . sorry guys its SUCKS though!

Cazzalum: every time i play the game it doesnt load? Please tell me
whats going on????

S.suhass: How do i download

Ninjamic: Ninjamic

callumbreeze: what file do you put on your phone

mauro1978: HALO EVERYBODY!!!!!! what are you talking about I NEED
WWW.MOBILES24.COM OVER 9300 GAMES!(also download mp3 ring
tones, video clips of new movies and games, mobile

hrs: 176 *208 plzzz z

Okonkwo: Okonkwo

Mausam: where can i get 176 vers

martynasjaras: get 176x220 version plz

justaplan: pls screen176 220

Rhonfhey: I'm so greatful for this website, the best game download
ever. Thank you all

and for all: .zip and .rar are jar files!!!! .jar game data
IS IN .zip and .rar game data files!!!! download .zip and
.rar files and unzip it or uncompress that file with Winrar
program (free on net) and .jar is in there!!! STOP STOP STOP
STOP STOP STOP IMPORTANT for all sony ericsson users!!!! i
have c-905 and 90% of games where it says its game for s40
or s60 works just fine on sony ericsson. also click on
nokia/games/themes link under the : useful links (its up
left from here) and 90% of games there works also just fine
on my sony ericsson c905,and on other sony mobile phones...

kimir02: i don't know where to put it... T_T should i make a new

jamesorbe0: im need 178-208 this

A.j.s: Anybody get galaxy on fire 2 full version 176x220.jar?

dhwaj: there is no other game in comparisan with it

wingju77: so good

Tamara12: hheeeyyy... i just wanna say : great games ::)))) !!

vladn: PLS SCREEN 176*220!!!!!!.jar

gabe: Very Funny. Why when I install is not GTA but car jack

antxxx: ok...........

mauro1978: to download follow this steps: 1) register on this site,
your name,password and e-mail (just look up there on this
page... its says register, well click on that..) 2) click on
game name which is under the gamedownload (also up there on
this page, just scrool up from here...) 3) after that window
will open select save and game file will be saved on your pc
desktop... 4) .jar files are ready to transfer to your phona
via usb or buetooth etc... (.jar files works pn sony ericson
just fine) .rar files and .zip files you must have winrar
program to unzipp that sort of files (its free, search on
net: winrar free download) 5) transfer .jar files to your
phone and install game and play... ps. if you want to open
game file on your desktop and you get window: dorrupted op
damaged file... do this: clik rigt button on that file and
choose open with Winrar... it will open that game file
automaticly... ps. .sis game files are only for nokia and
likes... read the game descriptions before download to see
if it works for your phone... i have sonyericssonc905 and
more than 200 games works just fine...

Goldeejaisinghani: Goldeejaisinghani

scoske07: kailngan ba talaga ng usb .?

301987: how to dload

toxiccrow: lol 128*160 plz

ozzie68: how da fu** do u get this sh** on ur fone se w580i

gepard: uzbekistan is best of all and nokia 6233 for kings

customer2: dis is fake , it just racing all the mission

Cyberworld32: Cyberworld32

jonard32: need 176x220..

thebest619: fuck isn't work whit samsung u6000 X(X(X

mari_vr: i have problem i can't put on me GSM whit me bluetooth :(

eve86: This sock!

skyking321: me need 176x220.......


travis: this is fake

joegame: good

Tamerlaine: how can I download this game?

dark7568: can tell me wer I download any GTA 3D????

PODV!: Esta muy bien el juego ^_^

yolin: can anyone tell me how to get it on my phone please? i no
im a noob,bt please

Chaser888: Darn it, this is a mixture of miami vice and car jack

Arash bang: Hey! it`s not GTA! this is miami vice!

wildberg: any one can,t download the game ask for it this is my

blck_knight: blck_knight

siddy sid: this is a cool game

siddy sid: finall i know how to download

Salman_tof: How do u download gta man?

hitosakiyo: its car jack streets,they jz edit the the can
find original version in

jomar33: hey... what folder i put this game on memory card

an-fall: too big in w800i. need 176x220 plez..

Aspiani: Not work in my phone

wcw: yeah


lolop15267: thx bro its for SE w910i? means sony erricson w910i

nirjhor: i dont know how to downoad

psetoman: can u get the 176x220 version?

gandewo: soooooo nice

Vijesh: Fain:)

mosh3392: please please please 176x220 please need it

wormsworldparty: gr88888888888

vilashsonwane: To download games, Register yourself. The link is on the
same page & then start downloading

coolhunk: pls pls 176*220 ................ need it

Chaser888: does it work with nokia s40 ???

saif.nishu: ti is best

dinice: perfect

Cedrino030: Nice game! Works perfect!

vinoe99: gta 4 is one of the best game in 2008 i love to play this
game in my n73

berrymonster: i need this game for kc910

dim101: is this miami vice

sowal: ok

gopavaram ravi: sulli dengutha idhi miami vice

Manbeermani: It so intersting ya

Door: Hello.. I need gangstar2 for n73 relase

irshad: ho to download the gta

codegear: how to install

NeoZax: How to change the language to english?

prvford: will it work on nokia 3110c????

anwari: i think its wonderful

cherylll: you should make it so you can just send it straight to your
phone, it would be easier

skm109: where is the installation file

signx2xbz: nice game graphics

signx2xbz: nice game graphics

Muller: its work on 178x220 ?

Antony: hi.......

Vicke69: it good but my cell has an so small display so is there
some kind of "smaller display" version of this?

catomano: irfanshahid: thank for downlaod
------------------------ salar: goooooooooooooooood
------------------------ Kelvin_Pontan: Numero Uno!
------------------------ cospapam: PERFECT
------------------------ karl blaze: its ok not that
------------------------ wagadia5656: ok.....
------------------------ aiko: nice
------------------------ jackson13: cool game
------------------------ btonumb: does it work with SE
------------------------ keyur789: hi
------------------------ mano: good
------------------------ huh223: lupet!!
------------------------ gamemania030: wow, its cool man

chaoshu: its not good

888fordman: Would It Work On A Motorola?

Justice: Very Nice

Justice: Very Nice

atbae018: nevermind! i found it! so tiny for a download link! next
time try it bigger!!

atbae018: how can i download this game?

fucka23: its miami vice

kristijan91: nice game


Hirat4: Hirat4

clivenin: good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


balrajenu: pl update this game for nokia 6233

eugene: just got a new release.

dario32: how to download

Moggie_8: How the fook do you register

uhda fil: gooooooooooooood

fulltankina: it should be easily to download!! its so hard to follow

simomero: goooooooooooooooood

lilhamood: wat a lie is miami vice & like ps1.actually ps1 is

virgilio: im gonna download games

arunmshenoy: Very good

hammadi35: excellent

karylhong: this game sucks. the character moves 100 times sloowerrr

pu2tsol: pu2tsol

__ady__: shite

aril5030: good game, to MANIC: fuck u..u bitch!!!!

jjj: didn want it 2 be miami vice ...:(

manic: fuck off

gopavaram ravi: also w200i

leonxjr9: its for w800i

satriosusanto: sooo good

warcroft: Its not GTA4. Its Miami Vice in a top down perspective,
like GTA1.

howingyuk15: you guys only know stupid you know?

geegee1: this aint gta4.

yssah: is this 240x320???

irfanshahid: thank for downlaod

salar: goooooooooooooooood

Kelvin_Pontan: Numero Uno!

cospapam: PERFECT

karl blaze: its ok not that good.......!

wagadia5656: ok.....

aiko: nice

jackson13: cool game

btonumb: does it work with SE W810?

keyur789: hi

mano: good

huh223: lupet!!

gamemania030: wow, its cool man

Aziz: good