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New! Ancient Empires III
Nice strategy game based on Heroes Of Might and Migic series
Ancient Empires III

Ancient Empires III

Ancient Empires III features: Come back to the ancient world to fight for the honor and glory!

Probably this game has been inspired by Heroes Of Might and Magic 2 or 3... I got the same impressions as, probably, 7 years ago when i saw HOMM2.. This is a turn-based RPG, with an attractive plot, heroes, castles, and plenty of creatures to chose from... So - almost the same but after 7 years... But anytime - this is mobile game so i would recommend you to try it right now here at CMG dot com! The first file is Chinese release.
2nd and 3rd are for 176x220 screens
4th is for 240x320.


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Mobile platform: java
Genre: strategy

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jotech22: ! nice game.. even that i cannot understand the language.
hahahaha LoL

cukare: 240-320 IS mistake..... it isn,t

hahaha66: uuu

yashirotcm: I know how to edit and translate this game to english, but
i need someone that speaks chinese to do the text
translation for me, so i can then add it to the game, If
anyone here speaks chinese and wants to help, contact me at, thanks

Draglion9: Ohhhhh... just delete it k? Oh and thos "pictures" you
used are from Google :P (Just search for "Ancient Empires
III") Nice website......

gba1989: this is age of empires 3 not ancient empires....

clubmo: you just have to extract that zip file using zip
extractor(like 7zip,winzip,etc). and then install the jar
file to your phone.

Draglion9: 1st pic AOE??? The downloads s*** +It's russian...

pinky_pig: is it ancient empire made by macrospace?? why on earth now
made by glu? is't fake?

jess123456: 176x208 pls...

joe1131: ae 3 not fun d.... >.< 1 and 2 better

stylishppl123: nice game

darkuchiha: wow dami na naman na uto jajajaja CNU B NAG SABING
IDOWLOAD? jajaja

aeonslash: PUTANG INA M0 D 2 d 2 ancient empires, bayag m0 240x320 kp
jn s png apat, b0bo k wla png english

dghn12: 128x128,128x160 pls

Agung: in english please

izzie: i like it

rbr010: fuck this game i hate it fuck. kurdish boy

daniel100: this is all chinese and russian games i dont understand tho
i chinese...ehe

rooffian: It works, but its in some strange language

sabatonfan93: In what language is this game?

zakizakizaki: its a fake......not an ori GAME fucker.........

tohsmg: fake .guata'i cukong!!.anywy tnk ya

sinn: shit no 240x320

jamesorbe0: nice game

Vinz: Thanks 4 the information guys.. I appreciate that..

hamadkhan: lora mera

ioane: fukn bulshyt game. WARNING; DO NOT DOWNLOAD DIZ
GAME...itz not ancient empirez 3 nd if u hav ur a fukn muthrfukrz

narutorockz: this like cr*p

steve_tomp: Can't even exit the shit! ENGLISH!!!

Desophone: Desophone

mleczko: lol THIS IS NOT AEIII !!! it's some chinese shit instead

potpot: fucking fake!!!!!!!!!!1

Quadraxis666: Can we have this uploaded as the .jar file please and in

iraqpride: ...this dnt look like ancient empires at this even
made by macrospace? the first and second versions was much
better then!:@

ignore021: tang ina nio peke to

devilunitone: ei....128x160 resolution plz!!!!!!

Dexrolex: Thats a very bad game.. If i look to the first and second
game from ancient empires i'm really sad.. Thats really
really sh*t game.. Sry glue but this is redicilous!


yuriohpower: 128x160 huhu

doulei: all we need is english version

Popas2: Popas2

Extremeloveless: English version pliz.

cadinfo11: Dzięki za jar. Pozdro wszystkim. Nara

Legendqueen: Game looks good! But i can't understand, EN version

z0r0o0o: Nice game i am searching for it

llKMKZll: 128x160!!128x160!!128x160!!128x160!! PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

imambukhsh: Max files are in zip format kindly change to jad or jar

tkh9917: what are all the extra files for

janur: I want english version!!!!!

janur: I want english version!!!!!

awten28: is there ang english version 4 240x320?tnx

Gennosuka: Ths game is far frm nice compared to the first and second
ancient empires ths 1 doesnt meet the standardz it doesnt
even hv skirmish!

tyekiki: 128/160 plzzzzzz,i like this game a lot

Enrico: i want english to.... forget it

keroppi11: i want english too.. jeje

raisin_bread: suheri u should unzip it first u knucklehead :p English... Anyone??? Please feed my addiction to ae!!!

shanker276: nice game this is a really easy game i finished it already.

Al3XutZu18: All the guys are trying to say that they want the ENGLISH
VERSION, from those i am in too!!! I WANT THE ENGLISH

neptune3003: i can not instal in my n 70,sum1gan help me?

adt.tama: thank you. . . , i love this game, but when its come in

komack: i can't download this game?

komack: nice

marcognition: english version?

abooood: good game but i need sis file

samrapatil: when it come in english???

22324: how come its not english?

lord11: does it will work on my monile k550i 176x220?

t: buuuuuuuuuuu

ulemutz: ukh im not found this file

New: New

Maddjay: Maddjay

rkumar: great

eugene: just unzip jar from zip

Gas: Can i download ancient empires 3

Wyern: Can i download it to my mobile?

killua: thnx- ...

ameer: great one

faiz1234: yeah...nice game

faiz1234: yeah...nice game

Hendry: Suheri, you can download zip manager to unzip this file

Suheri: I cant installed ancient empire 3 zip files. I want ancient
empire in jar file.