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New! Gangstar 2 Kings of L.A.(By Gameloft 2008)
11.22.2008 - WE'V GOT IT!
Gangstar 2 Kings of L.A.(By Gameloft 2008)

Gangstar 2 Kings of L.A.(By Gameloft 2008)

Gangstar 2 Kings of L.A.(By Gameloft 2008)

Gangstar 2 Kings of L.A.(By Gameloft 2008) features: We've just got JAR file! You can download this amazing mobile game right now for free!
Supported phones (main file): N6280/N5300/N5310/N5610/N6267/N6300/N6301/N6555/N7373/N7390/N7500.

Second file: N6230i/N5500
Third file: N6060/N6101
Forth file: N5200/N3109/N3110c/N3500c/N6085/N6086/N6151
Fifth file: N3220

Release date: 21 November 2008
Some features of this release are:
* Huge cities - much bigger that earlier: Map is 2 times bigger than in previous version. Amazing environmental types: 4 times more settings than in Gangstar 1 – border of Mexico, California - Hollywood, California - Beverly Hills, downtown, suburbs, coast, harbor and prison.
More complex keys allowing you to jump on roofs, climb the docks, cranes and many other objects.
Much better organized driving: 2 times more cars and bikes were added to the gerenal amount with different driving behavior.

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Mobile platform: java, s60, s40
Genre: shooter

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and for all: .zip and .rar are jar files!!!! .jar game data
IS IN .zip and .rar game data files!!!! download .zip and
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program (free on net) and .jar is in there!!! STOP STOP STOP
STOP STOP STOP IMPORTANT for all sony ericsson users!!!! i
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