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New! Infospace - Manic Medic
Who always times a genuine doctor wanted to be, Infospace help now to the license to practise medicine. In Manic Medic play you the life rescuer.
Infospace - Manic Medic

Infospace - Manic Medic

Infospace - Manic Medic features: Manic Medic is a casual game that puts you in the shoes of a harassed consultant, who has to assign incoming patients to beds, diagnose what's wrong with them, heal them, and then clean their bed up after they've been booted out of the hospital to make room for another person.

The core gameplay is simple. Hospital beds are assigned number keys: '1', '3', '4', '6', '7' and '9'. When patients appear at the entrance to your ward, you press '0' to select them, then a number to assign them to a bed.

Combatible Devices J2me 176x208 :
LG U8110 U8120 U8130 U8138 U8150 U8290 U8330 U8360 U8380 U880
Motorola E398 E550 E770v MPx200 MPx220 PEBL RAZR V3 ROKR E1 V360 V360v V500 V525 V545 V547 V550 V600 V620 V635 V80 V975 V980 V300
Panasonic X700
Samsung D410 D415 D500 E530 E720 E760 Z130 Z140 Z500 ZM60
Siemens SX1
Sony Ericsson K600i K608i K700i K750i V600i V800 W550i W600 W800i W810i Z1010 Z800i D750i
Nokia 3230 3250 3660 6260 6600 6630 6670 6680 6681 7610 7650 N70 N91

Combatible Devices J2me 240x320 :
Nokia 6265 6233 6234 7370 6270 6280 N71 N73 N75 N92 N93 N95 5300
Motorola A780 V1050 E1000 E1000 E1070
Panasonic VS2 VS3 VS6
Sharp 703 902 903 GX20 GX25 GX30 GX30i
Sony Ericsson P990i S700i W900i K800i W850i
Samsung D600 A800 i300

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Mobile platform: sony ericsson
Genre: simulator

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harry_rocks: i can't download with my sony ericsson k700i. it say not
supported with my phone.

kaza: kaza

brio48: 176 x 220 se pls

blackberry: i wish there is no limit in downloading games

the bad boy: nice one

yssah: cool game! tnx! works wit SE P990i