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New! AquaJava Mobario
AquaJava Mobario Genre: Platform/Jump'n Run Developer: AquaJava Size: min.
AquaJava Mobario

AquaJava Mobario

AquaJava Mobario features: 75.2 KB AquaJava Mobario is a brand-new liberate copyright 2006 . Due to the large involvement business in the 9floor Mobario deception (Siemens/Nokia idea), we absolute to carry on the compability enrol with newer devices.

The gamble is precisely the at any rate as on the broken-down Siemens mobiles, but it got much faster . Features : - 9 levels including a subtle submarine-rove waterlevel - 12 kinds of enemies including the boss foe, Pavo - Scoring mug including Highscore opportunity in the mere menu - Continue r?le to continue competition from the onset of a up to date on - Updated graphics and profuse bugfixes - You can prefer from 5 mere menu languages (EN/DE/HU/CZ/IT) Supported Mobiles: Siemens: C60, M55, MC60, S55, SL55 Nokia 6030, 6230, SonyEricsson K300, K500, Motorola V220, Siemens C65

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Mobile platform: java
Genre: other games

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